about us
  • win-win cooperation
    win-win cooperation
    xianghai is a pluralistic collective, is a unity and cooperation, for a common goal and common vision of the team work hard. we believe that under the soil of economic globalization, the staff of xianghai will create amazing value for customers and the society.
  • keep the promise
    keep the promise
    xianghai is an enterprise that keeps its promise. integrity is an indispensable element for business. we believe that fulfilling our commitment to our customers and society is the foundation of our development and the driving force that motivates us to constantly improve ourselves and raise our goals.
  • respect for talent
    respect for talent
    xianghai respects the ability development of employees and pays special attention to the cultivation and education of young students. we believe that the younger generation carries the future of the company and is the cornerstone of the development of the enterprise. we respect talents and strive to create a place for outstanding talents to play their talents.