guangfo logistics center

xianghai group follows the opportunities of the "outline for the reform and development of the pearl river delta region" and the guangzhou-foshan city and other opportunities to create a modernized logistics distribution base-the guangzhou-foshan logistics center. the center is located on the east side of ma village in the yaotou village section of guihe road on the guangfo line. the completed and used area is 80,000 square meters. the internal facilities include rack-type warehouses and open-air cargo yards. the center can handle freight forwarding services such as railway vehicles, ltl, containers, parcel express, coastal containers, and air freight.

on april 27, 2009, the new logistics base of guangbai group officially opened in guangfo logistics center, representing the process of the integration of guangfo and foshan. the partnership between the two places is getting closer and business cooperation opportunities are becoming more frequent. .

xianghai group will pay close attention to and conduct in-depth research on the exploration ideas of strengthening department store chain, professional market and brand agency cooperation between guangzhou and foshan.