in 2016, guangdong xianghai aluminum co., ltd. was formally established, which established the groups business policy of firmly developing non-ferrous metal trade in the future.

xianghai aluminum co., ltd. is mainly engaged in remelting aluminum ingots, various grades of alloy aluminum ingots, aluminum rods, alumina, aluminum hydroxide and bauxite, coal, petroleum coke, caustic soda, etc, mainly including chinalco, guodian cast aluminium, tianshan aluminum, shandongxinfa, innovation in shandong, henanshenhuo, gansu large, well-known brands such as guangxi hundred ore, adopting diversified ways of trade cooperation, to meet the needs of different types of customers.

xianghai aluminum co., ltd. has maintained good cooperative relations with upstream aluminum ingot smelters and large domestic and foreign trade enterprises to ensure high-quality and stable supply of goods. its marketing network covers major domestic consumer markets and its business scale ranks among the top in the city. in 2020, the total assets of xianghai aluminum will be billions of yuan, and the annual operating income will be more than 10 billion yuan. in 2019 and 2020, xianghai aluminum will be successively awarded "foshan top 100 enterprises".
scope of business