in 2016, the government proposed "unswervingly promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and build a new high-end high-quality high-tech industry system, fully implement the strategy of manufacturing city" under the background of the work report, xianghai group response government industrial upgrading development strategy, to carry out the industrial transformation, stage investment of 1.5 billion yuan was set up in guangdongxiang sea ray electrical technology co., ltd., enter the photovoltaic research and development manufacturing, further expand the business scope of the group.

company introduction

xianghai optronics technology co., ltd. is mainly engaged in oc panel processing, and its business includes the production and sales of lcd panels, display screens and other electronic products, providing customers with quality oem and odm services. the company is located in lishui new material industrial base, the factory area of 15,000 square meters, dust-free workshop of 5000 square meters, with more than 300 employees, equipped with advanced cutting, edging, partial stick, olb bonding equipment, can process 19~55 inches of oc liquid crystal panel. equipped with 2 automatic cutting production lines, 4 automatic partial paste production lines, 3 automatic olb bonding production lines, maintain an annual capacity of 3 million.

our company has a rich experience of elite management and technical team, committed to excellent quality, very competitive price, industry-leading manufacturing technology and quality service support system, to win the trust of customers!


oc panels are used in various electronic consumer products, such as: medical equipment screens, advertising screens,
 fitness equipment screens, e-sports screens, car screens, pos (cash register) screens, home appliances screens, etc.

company environment
development planning
  • set up the time
    set up the time
    in october 2016, guangdong xianghaioptoelectric technology co., ltd was established.
  • introduce the absorption
    introduce the absorption
    with an initial investment of 1 billion yuan, the company will focus on the development and production of large-size (21 "-55") lcd modules.
  • 2019 annual capacity
    2019 annual capacity
    in 2019, it will have a production capacity of 100,000 pieces/month and 130 employees (including 30 engineers).
  • 2020 annual capacity
    2020 annual capacity
    in 2020, the production capacity will be expanded to 300,000 pieces/month, with 300 employees (including 50 engineers).
  • medium-term target
    medium-term target
    by 2023, the production capacity will reach 1.5 million pieces/month, and the integration of production, education and research will be formed.
  • the long-term goal
    the long-term goal
    by 2025, an industrial cluster of upstream and downstream display terminal manufacturing will be formed, and it will enter the capital market.