This historical restoration of The South Florida Military Museum was taken over by Franque and Denis in 2017, after the project had been stalled for several months. Franque and Denis quickly kicked things into high gear and gave the museum new life. Details such as refurbishing the 1940s bathroom lavatories were part of the construction.

The South Florida Military Museum, which is located on the grounds of Zoo Miami, is a 12,500 sf wood structure that once served as the local US Navy headquarters during World War II and later became an Army and Marine Corps Reserve Center used as a training site for anti-Castro freedom fighters.

We were honored to be a part of this project in large part because of its historical significance. It’s not every day that you are given the opportunioty to restore a 1940s historical building; certainly not one with a history as rich as the South Florida Military Museum. The building has many stories to tell and will now continue to do so for future generations to come, honoring everyone that has served our country.

Square Footage : 22,500 sf
Architect : Richard Heisenbottle