This project consisted of designing one additional bedroom and a recording studio to an existing two bedroom condo. We had extensive coordination with the City of Miami Zoning Department in order to satisfy their concern that by adding more square footage we would be taking the building over the allowable FAR. After extensive due diligence we found that the building had not reached all of the allowable FAR thus giving us the chance to add square footage to the unit.

Some of the other challenges in this particular project was designing the structure in a way that there would be no additional load bearing down on the building structural slab. Different size steel beams were designed to be attached to the existing columns and sheer wall in order to support the two additional rooms. The other challenge was getting the steel beams to the 41st floor with no access to a Crain or any hoist. The beams had to be delivered to the unit in eight-foot sections and welded on site. A total of 18 pieces of steel were used to make the structure. At the end, the client was satisfied with the finished product and the value to the property that an additional 500sf of living space provided.